Reiki Training Totnes

I’m a Reiki Master offering Reiki I, II and III training in Totnes. I would love to help you discover this gentle and holistic healing. Over a weekend you will learn about understanding energy, how to use it positively, grounding and protecting, meditation, spiritual laws and attunements. These are important aspects of all 3 Reiki levels.

Attunements are one of the things that set Reiki apart from other healing methods. As a Reiki Master I would pass these by hand to you in order to open up your body’s energy channels to connect to endless ki (energy).

You will also discover how Reiki can be used to enhance the energy of food, plants and animals and to cleanse and empower crystals. It is possible to send healing to your past, present and future. There are no limitations for its use.

Reiki I Training

Reiki I training is where the emphasis is on self-healing and the appropriate hand positions. Reiki I training weekend covers:

  • What is Reiki? What do we mean by energy?
  • History of Reiki
  • Self treatment
  • How to treat friends, family, plants, animals and Mother Nature
  • Relaxation/Meditation
  • Grounding and Protection
  • Personal Development
  • Basic crystal use
  • Attunement

£100 per person
£90 per person for 2 booking together

Reiki II Training

As a Reiki II student you will be given symbols to enhance all aspects of healing and can be used to send distant healing. The Reiki II training weekend covers:

  • 2nd Degree Initiation/Attunement
  • 2nd Degree symbols
  • Distant Healing – working across time and space directing energy to people, situations and the planet
  • Case studies
  • Chakras
  • Professional practice
  • and much more….

£150 per person
£135 per person for 2 booking together

Reiki III Training

Master Practitioner

Reiki III training is master level (means mastering yourself). Much of the emphasis is on continued personal development. You will be given a new and final symbol and more attunements.

Once you are initiated the ability to channel this powerful life force will always be with you. As a Reiki Master you will also be able to teach if you choose.

The Reiki III Master Practitioner training is a 3-day retreat and covers:

  • Master symbol
  • Attunements
  • Spiritual Laws
  • Meditation
  • Crystals
  • Dowsing and Divining
  • and much more….

The cost for Reiki III Master Practitioner training, a 3-day retreat, is dependent on venue.


If you’d like to know more about the Reiki training I offer please call or email me:

Pat Mansell
Reiki Practitioner and Reiki I, II & III Training in Totnes
T:  0779 031 8575

Reiki Practitioner Totnes

If you would like a Reiki treatment with me, a Reiki Practitioner in Totnes, I would love to hear from you.

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