I believe Reiki healing is essential for anyone who feels the need to take time out from their usual routine and de-stress. I strongly recommend Pat Mansell as a Reiki practitioner. She has the ability to make the recipient feel at ease and relax. I certainly feel I put her skills to the test as, like many people nowadays, I lead a busy – and often too hectic – lifestyle. Without exception after a 30 minute session with Pat, I feel a lot calmer, a sense of inner peace and stress-free.
JB – Newton Abbot

Working with Pat has helped me a great deal, in dealing with my insecurities and emotional difficulties. With time I have achieved an internal strength that I once could have never imagined. Such a sensitive and intuitive person, that brings light to any situation.
PV – Totnes

I started my study for Reiki levels I and II with my tutor Pat Mansell in 2100.  This was at a time in my life when I faced redundancy and felt quite angry with the way I was being treated in the workplace. Pat’s authentic belief in Reiki and her ability to allow us students to explore our lives, physically, mentally and spiritually was key to my enthusiasm for learning and exploring areas totally new to my understanding of a balanced life. Welcoming Reiki into my own life and the learning from my sessions with Pat gave me a whole new perspective on my day to day life and relationships with others. Two years later I studied under Pat’s guidance to become a Reiki Master; this experience was amazing for me. I now have clients too. In hindsight Reiki was the trigger for me to become more open and flexible to new learnings and to be comfortable with being myself! I highly recommend Pat as both a tutor and therapist.
SW – Solihull

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