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I’m an NLP Practitioner in Totnes and use this excellent personal development tool to help clients achieve success in the areas of their lives most important to them.

NLP is the study of what you think, say and do, most of which is unconscious. It can help you gain a greater insight into your own unique personality and style, and the way you communicate with yourself and others. Using NLP I can help you identify the areas you’d most like to work on and then move forward, making exciting and positive changes in your life.

What is NLP?

Neuro is to do with the mind and thoughts, both concious and unconcious and how these influence our experiences.

Linguistic is about what we say verbally, non-verbally and our self-talk.

Programming is about what we do, our patterns. We all have patterns for EVERYTHING we do – how we eat, fall asleep, make friends, be happy, learn, get frustrated, drive a car — EVERYTHING!

NLP began to help people overcome problems

In California in the 1970`s 2 young men started working together to find new skills and techniques to help people overcome a problem. They were Richard Bandler, with a psychology, computer and behavioural science background and John Grinder a professor of linguistics. “If it works, use it, if it doesn`t, use something else.”

Out of this research came many of the techniques and methods of NLP, still used today. It is now used by millions of people throughout the world for education, therapy, training and personal development.

Hypnotherapy includes many NLP techniques.

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