Time-Line TherapyTM Totnes

I am a practitioner of Time-Line Therapy here in Totnes. This powerful technique helps you make long-lasting changes in a rapid way, by-passing your conscious mind.

The first process in Time-Line Therapy is to identify your personal “time line”.  This is how you unconsciously store your memories and know the difference between a past memory and future projection.With this information it’s then possible to to work with your unconscious mind in order to heal traumas and get rid of unwanted thoughts, emotions and behaviours. Creating the future you choose.


Tad James an American, one of the pioneers of NLP is the creator of Time Line Therapy in the 80`s. A scholar, his initial research was in powerful ways of communicating and creating changes in people.

He is also a Shamanic teacher of Huna. Huna is the modern term for an ancient wisdom of healing and spiritual development which is thought to be 35,000 years old. It`s emphasis is on empowerment.

So a fascinating combination of ancient and modern wisdom.

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